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Psycho-Confessions: The Emotion of Love

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The Emotion of Love, and the nature of its power

By: Matthew Wayne

“So many sacrifices made, in this quest for love

from the pits of hell, I watched as my angel soared above”

       How can one properly describe, or even explain the true impact this one emotion has over our lives, down to the very pits of despair to the beautiful stars that light up our night's sky. Without love you become hallow, numb and dead to everyone you ever will come in contact with. Love would be one of the single most reasons why we continue to thrive, to struggle on through the marshes. To go through hell just to save that one you love. Many people see love as being the meaning of life, to live is to love they would argue. Yet not everyone has the pleasure to experience such a powerful conviction in one's life. Spending their whole lives in search of this sacred relic. Then there are those who have loved, and who have lost, only to see it slip through their fingers like sand, each grain a memory into a past moment of time.

However this emotion has effected you in your life, one must not forget its power it holds over our many other emotions and desires, It can inspire the most amazing feelings and a second later the most dreaded thoughts. It stands above all our other feelings for it can incite nearly all the other's even hate, even hope. It can destroy friendships in a single wave, while saving another from a lifetime of solitude and misery.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

From my up coming new book

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Untitled -- 1.8.2006

صانع الأحلام

قصة: طارق البكري

تعيش ريم في بيت واسع جميل تحيط به أشجار عالية من كل اتجاه.. وحديقة  جميلة مزروعة بزهور ونباتات خضراء متنوعة.. وفي زاوية منها مراجيح مسلية.

في بيت ريم ألعاب متعددة الأشكال والأحجام..

سيارات.. طائرات.. عرائس تمشي تلعب وتغني.. أقراص حاسوب كثيرة..

فيها ما تشتهيه من الألعاب الالكترونية.. وغير ذلك كثير كثير..

ريم عمرها عشر سنين.. تعيش مع أسرتها الصغيرة المكونة من أب وأم وثلاثة أخوة أكبر منها..

ريم تعيش مع أسرتها سعيدة.. تقضي معظم وقتها بعد المدرسة في البيت والحديقة..

مدرسات ريم يحببنها لأنها متفوقة ومتميزة....


في يوم طلبت احدى المدرسات من طالبات فصل ريم أن تتحدث كل واحدة منهن عن أحلامها..

فرحت الصغيرات بذلك.. وتسابقن لرواية أحلامهن..

سعاد حلمت أنها تحلق في الفضاء تركب السفن الفضائية وتطير بالهواء من نجمة الى نجمة..

نورا حلمت أنها صارت أماً وجدةً وعندها بنات وأولاد وأحفاد...

نسرين تحلم بالسفر والتنقل بين البلاد... قالت إنها زارت في منامها دولاً كثيرة، وبعضها زارتها حقيقة، مثل مكة والمدينة والقاهرة.. وتحلم أن تزور باريس لتشاهد ديزني لاند وبرج ايفل...

منى تحلم أنها من أصحاب الملايين.. تعيش في قصور وتملك سيارات لا حصر لها ولا عدد..

ومضت الطالبات يتسابقن في الحديث حتى جاء دور ريم...


قالت المدرسة: نعم يا ريم، هيا.. لم يبق غيرك.. أخبرينا بماذا تحلمين؟

لم تتكلم ريم..

احمر وجهها خجلا..

قالت: لا أعلم.. أنا... أنا.. أنا في الحقيقة لا أعرف ما معنى أحلام؟

استغربت المدرسة: ماذا؟؟ غير معقول.. أنت تمزحين..

جميع الطالبات صرن يضحكن بسخرية: عجيب.. إنسان حي لا يحلم.. غير معقول.. ألا تعرفين ما هي الأحلام؟ قالت المدرسة ذلك بدهشة..

وظلت زميلات ريم يضحكن طوال النهار...


عادت ريم الى بيتها حزينة.. رأتها أمها.. أحسّت بحزنها.. سألتها: ما بك يا حبيبتي؟

أخبرتها ريم بما حدث.. أصاب الأم العجب..

قالت: لا تقلقي يا حلوتي.. مشكلتك بسيطة وسنجد لها حلاً..


في عصر ذلك اليوم ذهبت ريم برفقة أمها الى طبيب مشهور يدعى صانع الأحلام..

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Chapter III V.C. Andrews

V.C. andrews poems

Chapter III V.C. Andrews

Taylor and Brenda

Both hide the fact

Taylor has got into

Trouble in school

And has after school

Detention and would be

An hour later then unusual

But thankfully their mother

Didn’t notice anyway.

She was too busy

Focusing on


Everything ready

For her brother’s visit.

And she was in good

Spirits for the time in a

While. In hopes that

Matt would act be

The gentlemen she

New Matt could be.

And not be all weird

And crazy since

They were having

Company. Instead

He never called to let

Them know he be late

Or anything.

That was

Strange because he never done that before. but Nora his wife did find a letter in middle of night to all of them

Saying he thought it was best if he left now.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Chapter 3 in the book i'm reading

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Battle with me I’ll battle with you!

Battle with me I’ll battle with you!

I saw your message

In my guest book

Again today!

And I didn’t

Do Anything but

Lend you advice

I didn’t say you had to

Listen to anything I

Had to say it’s a free

Country we can say

Whatever we want to say!

And as for me being well

Known those words aren’t the

Words I used at all I said

Some of my works has been

Published that’s all as I recall.

And for the message you left

Me in my guest book I almost felt

Asleep reading that reply you left me!

I thought you used some of stupidest  

and craziest

words I’ve ever heard my gosh a

first grader can think of better words

you  to say! You said you were going to be nice and ignore me

yet you wrote me back again! So there must like  

something about me or my poetry you like to come

back twice! You wanna go get high I really don’t

care it’s your brain cells and  your life! But battle with me

I’ll battle with you until you go away or had enough

Either way you won’t scare me away!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote about somebody who lefted nasty comments in my guest book!

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حنبنيهو / محجوب شريف


البنحلم بيهو يوماتى

وطن شامخ

وطن عاتى

وطن خيّر ديمقراطى

وطن مالك زمام أمرو

ومتوهج لهب جمرو

وطن غالى

نجومو تلالى فى العالى




مكان الفرد تتقدم..

قيادتنا الجماعيّه

مكان السجنِ مستشفى

مكان المنفى كليّه

مكان الأسري..


مكان الحسره أغنيّه

مكان الطلقه


تحلق حول نافوره

تمازج شُفّع الروضه


البنحلم بيهو يوماتى

وطن للسلم أجنحتو

ضدّ الحرب أسلحتو

عدد مافوق ما تحتو

مدد للأرض محتله

سند للإيدو ملويّه


البنحلم بيهو يوماتى

وطن حدّادى مدّادى

ما بنبنيهو فرّادى

ولا بالضجه فى الرادى

ولا الخطب الحماسيّه

وطن بالفيهو نتساوى





كهربا ومويه..

تحتنا الظلمه تتهاوى

نختّ الفجرِ طاقيّه

وتطلع شمس مقهوره

بخط الشعب ممهوره

تخلي الدنيا مبهوره


وحده شعبيّه

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Soul's Hole

        A blank sheet of paper is that of a newborn child.  You may think that you are able to shape, mold, form, and decide what you wanu the outcome to be. Every word taught, every lesson learned, every mistake to be had, all your choice.  Every line is to build upon the next, serve its purpose.  Much like the people in your child’s life, all is known then and there, the type of life you want your child to receive, the experiences you want him to learn, the ones you don’t; that is not your choice, your decision, your call.  Why must everyone but him dictate how he executes the twenty-four hours he must live through to make it to the next and sort out the ramifications of the days of the past?  Why must everyone treat him with little dignity stealing away his self-awareness? Has he that little of importance?  Has your interest waned over the years?  If a child cannot grow up sustaining himself how will he sustain you of late when your decrepit self worth has past its due?  

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Community, Identity, Stability: The Perfect Utopia?


        The satirical work Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is a very thought provoking piece, perfect for the science fiction reader who fears government control has gone too far.  Many people worry that they are losing their sense of individuality in the name of political stability and the betterment of the community.  

        Civilization in the brave new world is widely characterized by maintaining a stable feeling of happiness in its citizens.  In this restrictive environment the art of theater and playwrights is nonexistent.  People do not understand tragedies because they have no concept of what it is to be sad.  Instead, the favorite form of entertainment is the Feelies, a type of movie that involves sight, sound, and touch.  The plot line of all the Feelies revolves around what today’s readers consider indecent for today’s society, pornography.  

In this brave new world everyone takes daily doses of soma whenever they are feeling slightly down or out of sorts.  Babies are not born, but rather they are decanted from bottles in never-ending sets of eighty some twins.  “Mother” is used as a type of curse word, and people think that it is disgusting to even consider the idea of someone having parents.  

The government in the brave new world molds its people to like and approve the way things are through conditioning.  They start from the moment the children are decanted they are trained with simple proverbs and actions.  They are taught that death is a matter of fact, and that if they do not engage in erotic sex play from a very young age they are considered defective.  

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Blessings and Wretchings

Blessings & Retching

© Scott Meyer

    The air was thin…. The way you find air when you’re in the state of dread.  It was the first time in my life that I have truly felt something.  Sixteen years of trials, triumphs, punishments, letdowns, betrayals, archetypal experiences that comes from life. I thought I had feelings.  Despite my ways of life, this was the first time I had truly felt anything.  The emotions that I had were never truly felt they were experienced.  My bloodstone never allowed it to go beyond that point.  It was my fault this ordeal had happened.  I could not have my balanced schedule altered to the very second.  My harmonious synchronized methodical custom does not do well with alterations.  There is one time in my day that is in harmony despite the other constants of my life.  The dawns coming were always the same, thought would run rancid into the quarry of alienated memory. This morning was an exile of the others; it was not a conformist as the others all chose to become.  I was late…my realization came when the choice was presented.  I could have chosen to trust myself for the first time in my life, which I scarcely had done before.  Or I could doubt myself and let my trust pare; I choose the latter.  According to the blinking light on my alarm clock I was marginally belated particularly that morning.  I had rushed through the morning routine I put myself through daily.  That morning it took me only three minutes what normally cost me ten ticks of the minute machine.

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November 3rd.

Emotion wreck

This disaster is back

I'm ready to just

Give up and quit

Following this pattern

This dotted line

Each step in the dark

is one more away from the light

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