A sleepless night

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A Sleepless night

A sleepless night.

I having one of those sleepless nights

Tonight I had real bad headache

That I couldn’t shake so I decide to take

Some meds for my head and go lay on the bed.

But every since we started talking and became

Friends, it’s like my thoughts are astranged I

Can’t focus on things. it’s like you’ve messed

With my brain. But then again I think I’m worried

About mama with her having chest pains I just

Hope and pray she’s is going to be okay. I wish there

Was something I could to do or say to make her aches and pains go away! I wish god would give all of her aches and pains to me so I wouldn’t have to watch her  struggle to get through each and everyday! What I’m trying to say thanks for listening to me and being there for me! And even though I didn’t expect to get attach to you! you’ve been a great friend to me and you seem to truly care for me. Although I could be wrong if so I’ll go on like nothing was ever wrong.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this about mom feeling when she was  sick. And about my mistery man when he told me how he  truly felt about me!

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