he is the perfect man

poems about god

He Is the perfect man.

He is the perfect man

Who had a plan to create

Every living thing and every

Creature in their own special way.

And nothing or nobody would

Ever be looked at differently

In his eyes, because he thinks

We’re all special somehow,

Someway or he wouldn’t made

Us to be who are today!

he created this world in 7

days. He wrote a book to

for us all to fallow this book tells

us how he sufficed his life, so

we could be born and live our lives!

This book tells us that he’ll

Always be here for us! all we

Have to do is have faith and trust in him! and

pray and believe in him and he’ll be

there whenever we need him

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this about god

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sue mceachern's picture

very powerful piece. very descriptive on why he is the perfect man. i enjoyed reading this piece.