When two become one!

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When two become one!

Sometimes in life we all wonder

Why we take the road we take?

or what makes us make some of the mistakes

We always seems to make?

When really nothing in life is a mistake we might not feel this way at the moment

and time these things take place.

But then we come to realize

It’s all apart of god’s plan

He had for you two all along

Ever since high school you

Guys loved one another.

Yet you never wanted to

Admit it to each other

So you broke up with each other

And went your separate ways

Found love with someone new

Who you loved with all your

Heart and they loved you

The same or so you thought but god granted you

Each two gifts from that love

So no matter what you’d

Remember beautiful blessings come

From love! When you reunited

With each other after so long

And shared your blessings and

Heartbreaks with each other

You realized you lit that spark

That you probably thought for sure was

Forever gone you both realized

This is the person I am suppose to

Be with he gave her the

The ring and ask you to be

His partner and wife and today two

Becomes one for life

Jun 13th 2009

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

beautiful ode to refound love..