I think I now see why god put me in this wheelchair.

I thought I now see why god put me in this wheelchair.

I think I now

See why god

Put me in this


When something makes

Me angry it plays over

And over in my mind like

A record player I can

Only listen to this

Voice that’s making me angry

For so long then I explode

Like a bomb I hate to get that angry toward  

Anyone. But I can only mute

To the voice so long.

It can a little or big thing

That makes me angry.

Depends how hurtful it

Sounds to me. I came

To this conclusion when

We were at a restaurant

Waiting to be seating

So we could all eat.

I was laughing and

Joking around with

Everybody. While my

Brother had my cousin’s cell

Trying to fix something on it

For her. And he gave it back to

Got all hateful with her.

So I ask her not to take his

Comment personal he

Didn’t feel good his

Sinuses has been killing

Him. He didn’t mean it like

He said it. All at once

He said you said something bad about

Me didn’t you? I said no I didn’t

Said nothing bad about you. He keeps

On yes you did I heard you

I hate being called a lying

I’ve never lied to nobody.

He said you better shut up!

Before I come snatch a knot in your

Ass! I said you shut up I know I should’ve

Use that tern with anybody but I think no

Man should talk a woman like that.

I don’t care who they are. If I could’ve

Walked that night I know in my heart

I could’ve my choked brother to death without a second

Thought. That’s why I believe god put me in this chair.

April 10th 2007

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Eden Reached's picture

Possibly.....this is a touching piece

Eden Reached