What matter most

What matter most

What matters most

In life is family

And friends those

Have been for threw

Good, bad, happy

& sad. How a person

Inter acts with others

How people treats one

Another. Never let love

Lust or anything of that

Nature change who you are as

A person. Most of all is when

Things start going right in

A person’s life. They start

Making more money then they ever

Dreamed of. When your old

Friends walk by you talk to them

No matter what. Don’t turn your

Nose to anybody we’re equal in god’s eyes

But a lot of people forget this these days

They let greed hate take control of everything

And they turn in one of the devil men. If people

Would stay focused on what really matters in life

This world would be better off! maybe we all

Could stop fighting in these wars going on this

Day and time. We could unite together and become

One forever!

Mar 22nd 2007

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