The phone

my dairies

The phone

I wish I

Had never

Have ask for the phone

On days like today.

Mom says I’m obsessed

With it.

But that is

So not the case.

It’s just a faster

Way to talk to loved

Ones friends anytime  of the

of day! Why can’t

They understand I just

Love my friends  

And family

I give up

I’m through

Finished and done.

Aug 6th 2006

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

dont give up ever firstly! Second, yeah the phone is a great thing for communication but by your piece I get the feeling mom would like a bit more of your attention..Just give mom a hug and explain how happy it makes you when you do talk to friends on the phone. If she asks you to limit it to certain times try to. That's called compromise. You meet her wishes and give her your time and attention and you still have the option of talking to friends as well..No I'm not picking on you but I can see it from both points of view..