Invisible tears

my dairies

Invisible tears

Invisible tears

I cried yesterday

Mom thinks I don’t

Understand anything

About life when

The true fact I

Understand a

Lot more then

She’ll ever know.

I’m not a little

Kid anymore

Even though she

Might think so

Growing up I was

Taught to think

Like an adult

Since I learned

How to use a

Computer and

Everything somewhere in all that

Learning  I guess my childhood faded

Away in the early stages of life.

Not that regret the life I have because I don’t

I thank for blessing me with loving family everyday!

My stress level reaches overload on those crazy days like yesterday and I just mom would cut me a break on

Those days because I feel crawling into a hole and dying on those days like yesterday. Jan 19, 06

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

don't know what the situation was,not my business unless you want to make it my business, but I hope things clear up and level out for you. Cut mom a break too because in a moms eyes no matter how old our kids get we still consider them our babies,and yes sometimes we think they don't realize a lot of things that they do. Sometimes in fact parents have a hard time watching their kids grow up because they simply don't want to see them get hurt or go through any form of hurt.It's a protection thing that you can't totally understand till you have child of your own.Not siding with mom but just saying it's a mom thing..