God will take care of it

poems about god

God will take care of it

People kill me

Worrying about

What we’ll do or

Where we’ll be when

Our love ones die.

It kind of makes me

Have a giggle to myself

Cause I’m thinking

We should just live for

Today and not even think

About tomorrow. No matter

Your age if god feels it’s your

Time and he needs you he’s going

To take you. I believe that

God won’t take our love ones

Till he feels we‘re ready for it

God will bring people

Into your life to help

You deal with the pain.

No matter what happens

In this life good, bad,

Happy, and sad he will help us

Through. Though we might

Not understand why god makes

Us god go through the pain and

Suffering that we go through in our lives

He does have a reason for everything

He does in the end


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word_man's picture

yes he will take care of it if we let him
he wants us to need him and so many dont understand that
but its really hard to let it go when you see so much
pain around you most people live in a bubble,there
own world most people dont have a clue who or what god is
now if your mother,father sister or brother died today
would you feel the same or could you really accept it
very few can

ron parrish