An eBay seller tried to get one over on me

my dairies

An eBay seller tried to get one over on me

An eBay seller

Tried to get

Over on me

Once again

I guess he

He thought

Well I’ll

Just lie

To her


Send her

An e-mail


I’ll ship

Her her items

On Feb. 2nd 2006,

And that her payment

For these items will be

Sent to new shipping

Address even she sent

Her payment to my old

Shipping address.

Well instead of getting

My items like the seller

Promised me I got my order

Back today. And I contacted eBay

And told that he said his payment

Would be forwarded to his new

Address he’s

The one that

Said he correct

His shipping

Address and mail me

My items. I think he’s

Just trying to pull over

On me maybe because

I’m a girl I’m still

Waiting to hear from

ebay I’m egger

To hear what

They’ll have to say

Feb 10th 2006,

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

You go girlfriend! Get those louses that tried to stick it to you. Proves not all sites are on the up and up . Really bites when you find that out,I know it happened to me at another poetry site -my work disappeared out of nowhere and so-called they could not find it yeah right...