The nightmares are back!

The nightmares are back!

The nightmares are back unfortunately

My leg has

Been feeling funny

All day yesterday

Despite these feelings

I was having

I tried to push

These dreadful images

Out of my mind

And act as though

Everything was fine.

I got on the

Computer and

Checked myspace typed

Replies to e-mails

Friends has sent me.

Played on the computer

Eventually the pains

In my legs

Went away,

Until bedtime came

My way.

I laid in bed

Closed my eyes

Got comfortable


To myself you are fine.

I said to myself your leg

Pains are gone your

Seizures has traveled

Away From here to some

Place far to another moment in time.

I was anxious

About the cook-out

Today! I thought I hope

Tomorrow brings happy

Memories for the family!

Meanwhile I would

almost asleep

And my legs would jump

5 feet off the bed or so it

Seemed those were my warning

Signs a seizure would break through If i

wasn’t careful. I thought oh no please

God no seizure I have a big day

Ahead of me tomorrow!  

Please just let me get to

Sleep and not be awaken

From sleep by a seizure that has taken

Over my body. God did he

Helped m! I finally went to sleep

And rested without

Being awoke

By a seizure

Taking over my

Body so for that I say

Thank you god!

July 9th 2006

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

interesting piece, when you emailed me I thought you were speaking of literal nightmares-cinema of the mind type but I can see where the physical seizures might be interpreted that way. Have they figured out why you get the seizures? Is there anything to be done about them?