Happy valentine’s day

Happy valentine’s day

Valentine’s day is a day

To show those closest

To you how much you

Care for them and a

Time to express

Emotions. Most

People wouldn’t

Normally say on

A daily basis.

Especially a lot of

Guys or just people in general

who don’t

Like to express

Their feelings through

Words because they’re afraid

They might cry. so

People use poetry

Or gifts from a

Store they know their

Partner will love!

So I’m sending everybody

I love lots of love and

Kisses, hugs many blessings

From this day forward until. god calls

Those near and dear to my

Heart to their special place

Up in the stars with him!

Feb 14th 2007,

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Derek Mcgee's picture

hey this poem is very nice it looks like you put alot of time and effort when you wrote it