Dear nanny (aunt Clara)

Dear nanny (aunt Clara)

Even though

You’re no longer here

With usin body I know you’ll

Be with us in spirit. Even though

You’ve been for 3 years now it just

Feels yesterday to most of us.

Seems like since you left

Our family has grew apart

Over some pictures I had of

You on my personal myspace

Page.  I’m sorry if the pictures

I put on myspace  of you in the

Coffin offended you when I took

These pictures I knew you

Weren’t in anymore pain

And you weren’t hooked

Up to anymore tubes and

Things you were free of all

The pain and suffering you went through.

We didn’t forget your birthday we

Just figured what good would it

Do to put flowers on your grave?

The girls would take them off

And throw them away. To hear them say

We never or cared about you or did anything to help  You hurts us so. they think we should just

Forget you which we’ll never do

We can let you go even though we didn’t won’t too

But we new it was your time and

It was the best thing for  you. I hope you

Can make them all see we just need  to forgive

And forget and be a family I did my part I said I’m sorry for the things I might’ve done to offend them

Even  though I can’t see no wrong in what I did I feel this is all my fault I’ve pulled the family apart.

Please fix them make them realize  we love you respect you and will forever miss you!


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