I’m stronger then the hate anger will ever be!!!

I’m stronger then the hate anger will ever be!!!

Last week was

A crazy week

For me I got

Ripped apart

By the words

Of somebody that  

Supposedly loved me

I always knew they never wanted

Me or my sis. but I was

Surprised by the hurtful

Words like they said to us. Words

That get into anybody’s head break

Them down and say. I want

Them to hurt as much as they’ve

Hurt me I want them to feel

A mega bite of the

Pain I feel but the good

News is now I know how they

Feel about me now this Just another mild stone

I’ve knocked down in this

Crazy thing I describe

As my everyday life!

After what was said

I felt so angry at myself

And them for making me get almost to

The Stage of hate. I prayed to

God guide me away from

This place and he answered. God

Said you don’t hate nobody

That’s not who you are

You wasn’t raised  that way!

God said let your anger

Out any way you

Feel is the best way for

You to release

Your pain  and anger

Just remember

You’re much stronger

Then the devil’s

Favorite thing hate will

Ever be!!

Oct 22nd 2008

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Reese Renee's picture

Amazingly beautiful.

Extremely well written