Days of the week

poetry challenges

Days of the week

Sunday is considered the lord’s day

That’s what mama always told me.

She says Sunday is the of for

Everyday. Monday is the start

Of most Americas work week

And their everyday routines.

Tuesday is going traveling

Forward just when think you

Haven’t no energy to push on

Until the next morning.

Wednesday is the day

When you try something

Or do something that

Excites you in some way!

And makes you happy and

Brings a smile of joy

to your face! Thursday

Is the day we all sat and

About the stuff that

Happened during the whole

Week some things

good some maybe

Bad some maybe you

Wish you could take back

And rewind the day and

Start again. Friday is the

Day to get ready for the

Weekend! Saturday is the

Day to spend with your

Family and friends!

March 7th 2006,

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sue mceachern's picture

i like this one . very inspirational and welcoming.