It’ll be there if you want it to be.

brian's poems

It’ll be there if you want it to be.

      It took me awhile

But I think I figured out

What you’ve trying to say to

Me all along. You’re at a

Place in in your life where

You feel like everything and

Everybody’s coming at you at

Once. You’re getting spread

Very thin at this point and time

In your life. When we became

A couple we both we happy

It all seemed great. Then

You had a string of bad luck

Car messed up, your mom had

Appointment about her heart

Which stressed you out even

more then before. Friends needs

To somebody to talk too.

Then there’s me you feel

Guilty because you

Haven’t been able

To spend time with

Like you’ve been wanting too

It’s okay I’m not mad at

You I understand all the

Emotions and everything

You’re going through.

I’ll admit I felt hurt at

First at first by the way

You said certain things to me

I thought okay

If his love for  me

Can fade that I must

Not have not meant anything

To him in the first place.

But talking to you tonight

Made me realize you do

Love truly! You’ve just

a lot going on in your

Life right now at this point

And time.  Even though you’d like

To have a relationship with me

You don’t know if you can

Because of money being

Tight and you’re always on the

Go. So therefore you truly

Don’t know if you want

Relationship right now I understand

That totally. But you need to decide

Between now and the time you

Visit whether you do or now

If you truly do want the feelings

For me to be there when you see

Me I believe they will be and if

You don’t they won’t remember

To think about the questions

I told you to ask yourself

And once you answer for

Yourself and your heart

The rest will be easy for you.


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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I agree with what you say here in your piece. He has to really think things through and by time of the visit he should have an answer.Whether chaos is going on in one's life one knows if they love another either way.