America has lost its heart!

America has lost its heart!

I know a lot of

People think

I don’t see

What goes on

Around me

Everyday but I do

In more then I could

Ever begin to tell you.

A singer’s family

Members being

Murdered for  

Reasons that will

Probably never

Be known as to why?

Or animals being

Shot or abused

For going out to

Use the restroom.

A threat to kill

A contender to

Become our

President all

Because they

Don’t like the

Color of his

Skin which

Is down right

Ignorant to me

And always will

Be to  People  Don’t care about

Being there when

One needs somebody

To talk too! Nobody

Cares about getting together

On the holidays and celebrate

The fact we’re all still alive. I

Wish I could make them  see

We all could be gone

From this world tomorrow.

It’s like most

Everybody is out  for

Themselves  and

Their hearts are

Forever buried in this

Far away unknown place

All I can say is I hope

American will find it’s

Heart one day soon!

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chris's picture

Wow. What a powerful piece!

chris's picture

Wow. What a powerful piece!