When somebody makes you feel dumb as rocks.

When somebody makes you feel dumb as rocks.

I hate when somebody makes

Others around them feel like

They’re uneducated just because

Somebody doesn’t have a fancy

Degree doesn’t mean they’re

Not educated in other areas

Such as having respect for

Others and all of life’s other

Lessons so ruth don’t worry

About the excell teacher you

Probably know more about life’s lessons

Then he could dream of.

Show him that if he wants

To play hard ball you’ll play

With him only you’ll be the one

Who comes out on top in the end

Sept 27th 2007

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Sue Mceachern's picture

very good dedicated piece. some people are just plain ignorant individuals who have no place on this earth ... obviously she was there to learn excell and people learn different ways and that teacher obviously wasnt well educated on how to train people with all types of learning styles.