The pretenders

The pretenders

Everybody that

Knows me knows I’m

Not judgmental toward

Anybody. I try to give

Others the benefits of

The doubt always  I’ll admit

There have been times

That I’ve started to judge

Others and I just have to remind

Myself that myself of all

People has no right to judge

Others no matter who they are

Or the background they grew up

In.  especially with me being disabled

Like I am! I can tell within a few minutes

Of talking to somebody whether

I would like to get to know them or

Not most the time . As for some of my family in some ways I’m glad I’m not related by blood to them I refer to some of my family as pretenders

Because that pretend to live by the book

Read their bibles everyday pray daily,

Go to church every time the doors are open.

Yet they have no problems judging others

About the way they live their lives.

As they say things like this I

Wonder if they’re thinking about god’s

Words. Some of my family makes

Comments about being

Abusive to animals.

When they do this

I’m wondering if they’re thinking

God isn’t listening so it doesn’t

Matter. I  have news for them god is

Always listening to everybody

And everything takes place in the

Unfair world today the reason I

Call people like this pretenders

Is because they

Act one way

Yet they say and

Do others things.

Nov 7th 2008

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a good it

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No offense but writing a long paragraph about how you don't judge anybody and how God is superoir and then spreading out the lines to look like freeverse isn't poetry. it's just nauseating.