I want to sleep but I can't

I want to sleep but I can't

I want to sleep but

I just have a feeling if I

Laid down my leg will start to

Twitch on the

Inside all night long.

So as much as like

To sleep I rather

Stay busy and try

Not think about

The nerve in my leg

Bothering me. What

I don’t understand is

Why can’t I ever get a

Normal night’s rest like

Everybody else? It annoys

Me so. I just have a few more

Days to go and the feeling

Of my seizures should be over

For awhile! If I can just stay strong

And hold on!

Sept 22nd 2006,

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Sue Mceachern's picture

i like this piece. im very sorry about your leg pain and seizures. do u only get the leg pain when u aer in seizure mode. i hope that your seizures improve and some day sooner than later they will be gone forever