It’s funny how

It’s funny how

Trying something new

Or chatting with somebody

New can make you forget

Every bad thought you ever had

Makes you feel at peace with

Yourself and everything that has been said

About you! I’m sitting here wondering

What writing things down has to do

With anything or how can learn to walking

Away instead busting into anger can help in anyway?

I truly now believe everything happens at the right place And time. God truly does send people into

Our lives just when we think we don’t need

Any one is when we need them all

The most!

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This is your best piece to date!

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your last line of your piece sums things up exactly. When we least expect it someone is sent into our lives that we not walk alone,that we not feel forgotten,that we know someone elses cares, and that we remember once again the purpose of life is to be with and give to one another in a brotherhood of unity..