A message to my seizures

A message to my seizures

You’ve been in my

Life for a about

For about 14

Years I’d say

It hasn't been

A pretty sight

From the first day

You came into my life.

It’s been a merry-go-

Round of up and downs

There was a  time in my life

When I was pretty  sure you

Going to get the best of me

And you probably would’ve

My angels  and god has been

Watching out for me and

Wanting  me to stay around

For  reasons nobody will

Ever know! I’m tired of you

In every way trying to take

Over my body

By making me you’re

Coming then you

Not that I’m complaining

That you  have took a rain check as far as taking over my body goes I’m saying if you’re come on and get it over with If you’re not don’t make seem

Like you are! So long and


Jan 16th 2009

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Daisy DeVille's picture

Have you considered that the spiritual growth that you have accomplished has empowered you, that you have claimed a part of yourself back. That your seizures are not taunting you but have simply become futile attempts, somewhat similar to children ringing a doorbell then running in fear before you can open the door. Don't under estimate yourself or the power of the love that you behold.

Daisy ♥

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

never give up you have the strength within to keep going .