Locker 187

~Locker 187~


A smoky haze from statewide wildfires persists in the Magic Valley.  The hills to the north and south are rarely visible, now. I was working the fields, moving large bales of hay for Jesus when it dawned on me I had left my turkey sandwich at the station. I needed to find someone with a phone, and quick.  High school kids were sorting sugar beets in a field near by, and I knew damned well they probably all had phones with them, so I drove the forklift over there.  


"Will one of you nice kids let me borrow a phone for about a half-minute?"  I asked.


"Sure." Replied one of the boys as he took his phone from a pocket. 


I punched in Chuck's phone number. He answered right away.


"Hey, Chuck. Dan, here."


"Hey, Dan. What's up?"


"Will you bring me my sandwhich out to the farm? I forgot it at the station."


"Sure. Where is it?"


"Locker 187." 


We both hung up. 





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Jesus needs hay? I'd no idea.