Lola Bug

~Lola Bug~


Lola Bug

Lola Bug

A pretty green beetle

named Lola Bug

She's our friend,

she lives in the rug.

Pretty green beetle

named Lola Bug.


Lola Bug has things to do.

She'll do them with me.

She'll do them with you.


She's always busy,

yes, it's true.

Lola Bug has lots to do.


Lola Bug 

Lola Bug

Finished her chores while we slept.

Take off your shoes.

watch your step.

Don't wanna squish our Lola Bug.

Don't wanna crush our Lola Bug.

Be extra careful when you vacuum the rug.

If she had shoulders I'd give her a hug.







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Lol. Enjoyed!

Copyright © morningglory

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Glad you enjoyed. Song inspired by a co-worker named"Lola." :)

"There is no good writing, only good editing."