The arrogant donkey

Children's books


There once was a dumb donkey.


To further explain... This particular donkey had no brain.


However, this never stopped him.


For his donkey believed he is always right.


"I am the donkey and I speak for the light".




One day, when the donkey was walking around, he stumbled across something he thought could never be found.


There, sat around a fire, was a group of animals that were different from him.


" by god!" said donkey, "This must be my imagination.


How can anything be different from me?


The only answer is this....this must be blasphemy."


"Since I am the donkey and I speak for the light, It is my duty to tell these animals what is right."






Come one come all, my fellow animals, gather round… I have something to say which is most profound.


I see all you animals who look oh so quite different,


You need to look like me,


Nothing else is sufficient.


It is obvious I am here to tell you what is right, since I am the donkey, speaker for the light.


Let’s start with you.


Mr. Elephant, you have the wrong nose.


It’s not right to have a nose like a hose.


Slim it down to have a nose like me,


Life, is only for the donkey


Next donkey turns towards giraffe, and said with a heavy sigh...”Ms. giraffe, why is your head up so high?


Having a long neck is no way to exist.


You need to cut it down if you want your life to persist”.


At this point in time,


It should be known that the animals grow quite angry


Yet they hold their temper,


Deciding it’s best not to be hasty.  


Now Mr. Rhino, you are next on my list,


I won't to go into depth, so here is the gist.


That horn you are sporting is just plain ugly, this is why we can't be buddy buddy.


You must cut of the horn, so you can look like me...can’t you see?


This is the only way life can be.


Lastly Mr. Zebra and Ms. Cheetah,


Your stripes and spots give you originality


This is not a good thing,


The idea itself is a fallacy


Get rid of your stripes and spots so you can look like me


That’s the only way you can bask in eternity.




Dear Mr. Donkey,


What gives you the authority to speak?


You act like you are god himself, and we but your pack of sheep.


We like how we are and don't care what you say,


So if you don't mind….please go away.


Donkey leaves now and goes about his day,


Stopping now and then to tell other animals, "the right way".






I don't know about you, but personally, I am through.


I’m sick of donkey's attitude.


I have tried my best to let him slide, but tonight is the night the donkey dies.


So all the animals gathered round to plot, and Oh boy did they talk a whole lot.


They discussed all the ways they could make donkey suffer, Until they landed on one that met the criteria of one another.


Their plan was a sick one,


Oh a sick one indeed.


You see, on the donkey, they planned to feed. 


Just as they were about to set their twisted plan in motion, an owl was heard amongst all the commotion.




Whoa whoa whoa,


Sure the donkey is arrogant beyond belief,


But killing donkey won't bring you relief.


All that will happen when you make donkey stew,


Is the donkey will be the same as you.




Oh how I do love a good donkey stew, but you know what....we should add the owl too."


(picture of the animals eating owl/donkey stew.)



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