The impossible dream killer

Children's books
His name is Impossible
He creeps about during the night, 
While all the little children are wrapped up in bed tight
Night after night,
Children lie asleep in their beds, 
Visions of better tomorrows filling their heads
He comes in through a door, or a window left open
Careful of the floor boards, 
Best the children not be woken
Once inside,
He creeps and he crawls from room to room,
Searching for the next dream to doom
When he finally finds his dream for the night,
He pulls out a needle and holds it with spite
Then, with a little prick, 
Leaves the dream lying in dismay
Off the killer scampers, 
With a smile on his face
At this point in the story, you might be asking why
Why does the dream killer want little kids dreams to die?
You see,
The dream killer never had a dream of his own
Killing dreams is all he has ever known
This is why,
He seeks out those he wish he could be
Destroying all dreams, with which he doesn’t agree
Then one night, 
Like any other night
The dream killer was making his rounds,
He came to a small house, and everyone inside, was asleep sound
So he entered the home in his usual style,
Itching to find a dream to defile
From room to room he creeped and he crawled
Until Reaching the little boys room at the end of the hall
The little boy lay fast asleep in his bed,
A beautiful dream danced about in his head
This little boy’s dream, was to fly in the sky
To fly with the birds, to swim in gods eye
IMPOSSIBLE! Scoffed the dream killer
No one can fly in the sky
It will never be done
With a smile stretching from ear to ear,
He pulled out his needle and let out a jeer 
He thrust it into the little boys dream,
Yet this time was different……..
Something was not as it seemed
This can’t be….thought the killer
The dream didn’t pop?
So he tried again,
And again it would not
Again and again the dream killer tried
Yet this dream simple WOULD NOT DIE
A chill dropped down the Dream killer’s spine
His face turned white and his hands felt of slim
Unlike the others,
This dream started to grow
 Now In a panic, 
The killer dashed for the door
But the dream caught up with the killer,
And swollowed him whole
Thus ending this story
the impossible dream killer is no more.
The moral of the story,
Dont let others decide what youll be.
You alone choose your own destiny.
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Enjoyed this little dream of a dreamkiller failing at his dark scheme. 

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