Deaths Chant

Deaths Chant

Alone in his rocker sat the lonely old man

Alone in his rocker with no one to care

His hands held a story of hardships and pain

Of days long gone by, he'll see once again

He looks up and see, the grain growing tall

The horses, the sheep, the cattle that bawl

He sees a young lady atop of a horse

And near her is riding , a man, tall and course

He hears church bells ringing, a crowd sits inside

He hears all the signing, the girl is a bride

He sees two young children playing their games

He sees red men coming, he sees their heads hang

He sits and keeps smoking, his eyes fill with tears

He knows death is coming, he's had many years

He looks out and sees, no grain growing tall

No horses, no sheep, no cattle at all

He sees no young lady, he sees no young man

He sees no church steeple, no people at all

He's sitting and waiting for death he to meet

He hasn't the strength to walk down the street

He knows no one cares what happens to him

He's waiting for God, to come let him in

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Your poem touched me in a way i can't great poem KUDOS KUDOS