Dog Gone


I had a dog I but he died And I mused over in my mind, all the marvels of my dog ‑ I called him "Rigamortis" And when my dog called "Rigamortis" died Of when I found my dog I called "Rigamortis" And when I found my dog deadq the one called "Rigamortis" I found it was a fitting name for such a fine dog as mine who I called "Rigamortis" .For never had I dreamed, or hoped to dream of seeing such a fine display of after life antics as was performed by my dog The dog that I loved, who I showed my love by 'calling "Rigamortis" No better friend had I. nor will I have again So when he died this dog of mine who I called "Rigamortis" I knew I had to write a poem for him Him, the dog called "Rigamortis" So I thought of himp my dog who I loved Who I called "Rigamortis", the crazy curr And wrote with tears in eyes a poem for him And I wrote as words poured forth to form my thoughts And I called my thoughts "Lament of a Dog Gone

Ned Davis

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good article with good and impressive way done... means you are attractive writer with new ideas and i will go through your more work too and hope you will also read through my peoms and let me know about your good comments being poetry friend...