Broken Wings

I fell with broken wings,

The end nearly in sight,

Me and my life, just falling,

In this dark, grace-less flight.


Too terrorified to open my eyes,

Spiralling through this fall,

So weak, so scared,

So tortured, so small.


These broken wings,

So easy to tear, 

I suddenly felt your touch,

This whole time, you were there.


You helped in my time of need,

Rebuilt this body so sore,

With your love these wings,

Are broken no more.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I started to write this at a dark time in my life, feeling like the pain would never leave. I was never able to complete this, until today. I could never find an ending until recently, now that things are looking up.


A note for those who feel that their 'broken wings' will not be healed, I would just like to say that it will get better, no matter how dark your path is, someone will always come along with the light you crave. Keep hope, stay strong.