A vampire's wish

To bathe in ones virgin crimsons oil

To feel your pale supple skin between my teeth

To taste your inner flesh as I bite inserting my toxin

Listening for the pop as my teeth sink into your sumptuous skin

Salivating over your god given salty fruit

Watching as blood trickles down your dainty neck

Flowing down your chest traversing your twin peaks

Coming to rest engulfing your belly button

Where I place pouted lips sucking your nectar

Filling my veins with your life’s essence

Copulating blood cells in a frenzied dance

Listening as your heart slows to a null distant sound

Anticipating the change happening within

Waiting for that last breath of life to caress my face

Watching as your beauty transforms before my very eyes

Eyes turning to blackened blood red

As you stare into my soulless eyes

watching your reflection as skin becomes ash white

Your veins, blacken to become truly my bride

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