Bed time with me


The wind brushes against your cheeks,
but its not the wind its me,
my hand gently grazing your arm as you sleep,
letting you know that you're still here with me,
I brush the hair from your eyes, kiss your forehead,
You feel the warmth of my touch, and shiver and twitch,
pull me closer, sigh, and snuggle close in my chest,
you wake up in the middle of the night because you cant feel me,
you slide yourself closer to me, over the soft silken sheets,
the nightlite from the bathroom, catches your eyes,
you blink for a second, look at me and fall back asleep,
we wake up, and repeat, the steps 1 through 3,
its not like repeat, its more like rewind,
because when im with you, there is nothing called time,
it stops, and stands still, doesnt move, doesnt tell,
it doesnt even exist, when we sleep,
because your snuggled up close, locked close in with me,
we tangle so nice, our comfy warm bed,
never needed covers, cause you tuck in your head, 
right in to my chest, and YOU snuggle up tight,
its quite possibly the only way, i LOVE to sleep at night,
Remember each day, when you open your eyes,
that its me by your side, in your soul, in your life,
always and forever, loving you for just YOU,
nothing needs changing, nothing needs glue,
no ducktape, no scissors, no nothing, but YOU.
i love you for you.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

The poem just came to me, after looking at pictures and watching movies and videos... just flowed and needed to be written.

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I love this poem! Who is this

I love this poem! Who is this about?