double helical graphene

Born into this

into fish utterings


fish violence


the poppy eaters signic lines in the dirt

animals eating plants


something vertebrates


Il write my letters any way I want

until the rain washes it away


my transcription factors are signic

are my own

secret pain

for a world of drift

of whim

nano meter spaced order

signifying- no


love and all the stars

the context

and the head change


how many more

a sickness like how many more times do i have to tell you

in how many ways

transmission yes

from God

does that make it better for you

from a well, like all wells never timeless

but so dependent on time

without this- never happened

I saw it tho

I saw the deliniations

the constant reified plasmordial context

that was code

that took place all at once

something i saw that my parents didnt see

because they were born in a different light cone


word moved through motion

because word was significance or whatever place holder was good for at the time

that also came through me

that this would eventually exhaust its supply of fuel and burn out

does that bestow context

or did it just mean one thought

one slight of hand

dragged across by accident- leaving a mark

that was not timeless or significant?

transmittable and awoke jealous reprisal for all the mistook gestures


either way doomed

send it away

my nano meter spacers

my codon

my birth

that it be dried and dusted and never found spectra


and spectra to

she tried to say immortal language

the lonliness of existing

shared for an insignificant moment

turned on itself in a recursive game

impregnating the spaces they were born into

hathing out of thin air, dripping pooling

evolving into a language that evolved once and sat unoticed and untransmitted


on a billion quiet planets

no souls

no collective moments

just escape and violent forces against one another

how many times do i have to say it

because it had to

because context trapped within a sigh just needed its chance

to escape

to impose itself on itself until the forms differentiated enough

by its own force

to argue about it

any declaration now seems partial- alone without- forever destined to be the context for itself

a meaning which is evident

or not

a thought- an imperative without an ending that dies anyway

that which takes the sting out of dying

an uncertainty which relies not on an observation but on a fatality of context while continually residing out of it

the stop watch on the universe

the particulate of nothing

which bestowed on everything

resltess courage

and abject horror

the shapeless forms of death and light

that which illuminates and indents

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relitively randome scientific

relitively randome scientific terms used to ceate allusioins of some social behaviors... Pretty legit poem. :)

post multa malae accidunt, bonae accidere potest.