we called it robo-tripping

Strange how

no yes

a gauging from within

around which

like a tornado that lifts up from nowhere

its best, then, to find a defined space and ride it out

im writing again

I meant to sent you a message and I could since

but you are like whats at the feet

under which stranger grasp for air

a secret whilst

life's candy


erotic nonsense bubbling from the ten percent alcohol tincture

the immediate skeptical response at the word tincture

that it would have any medical value

do anything to our penises

if I didnt die tonight I would have loved talking to you

come home, jerk off anyways, fuck the daylights out of your slob of a steady

you were repulsive to

but in the pot of discounted brands and under a haze of smoke

when we were all still there


by god we made it

in the taxis

by bicycle

no matter how many times we could leave

but whats the use

what is this one line here gonna save all those otherlines

back when it was somewhere

then memory

I hope shared

sometimes at the same moment like an eclipse

or in sequence like the sun when passing through trees

never a terrestrial body with enough perspective

nothing but young healthy limbs, smoke, skin that aged before its time, music, how wonderful marvelous like the speech you give to your mom about how the night is supposed to turn out

if I said I love you

dont count your blessings till they hatch

grow up to be curses and die that way

how many times I love you

needle in my arm to extend part of me into future dimensions

and take away what was doomed to have been

I often pray to God

I dont think it exists

god is sasquatch- is genetic- is what gets wrapped in sideways and eventually subsumed by memory

is the same thing as so many other things

that its ok

that I can be forgiven.


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this is fucking amazing 

this is fucking amazing 

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