A love lost to suicide.

I cannot forgive you, 

Though try as I might,

I cannot forgive you, 

In the past, or present life. 

A million light years away from me, 

Your stare renders me still once again .

And I fall in love with the enemy ,

And I fall in love with the friend. 


Sitting on the coast line

Of a million memories. 

I remember how it felt, 

When you first got the nerve to kiss me

So many years later,

And the dust lays thick on your grave.

And grief is like a river ,

Somedays it's like a wave. 


There is no deeper love on this planet, 

Than a love that surrenders, and stays.

And no greater fear in our hearts 

That a love could be taken away.

But your touch is a sensory memory , 

And I hear your voice in my dreams.

Telling me that you'll wait for me. 

And that nothing is as it seems.

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This poignant poem really

This poignant poem really touches the heart.  I am sorry you had to experience this.


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