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Illinois, USA

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What I want you to know about me...

Im Mark, Nice to meet you
I consider myself a poet and a futurist..
Im here to write..I hope you see something you enjoy.

I am a very passionate person..I recite 7 days a week...
im constantly look for a slam...Im constantly look to get my work out there...
Im an Extrovert People are what make me happy...
just a quick poem

faded posted choakin
may I
fly by on the low,Im so high
drive bys in chicago make me hesitate
goin for that walk..
But im the only black hero...
no zero, I kill those,peel back
speeds too intense ball up my fist has a sit
and think think think
how can i stop this crime,
maybe make all these bad guys pay a fine
you may as why
try to stop me be the person you wont see,
Only black hero with abandonment issues
Wait a minute....ok now I need the tissue
I picked you your chosen, you see those doors open
close'em like a child from iraq no parent on deck
work hourly wages to cash this check
son conceived about 3 back
crazy i didnt react the way a normal black...
cat dodgin the police, im the ace thats right the 1.
in apartment 1 singing 1 by metallica...

About My Navel

o-o I have an inny outty ^^ im a hybrid of sorts... so yeah you know more about me than the people I work with LMFAO

Favorite Stuff (poets, poems, quotes, hobbies, etc.)

Robert Frost is my favorite poet
Childish Gambino is my favorite artist
Sebastian Bach is my favorite composer
Chet Faker and Frank Ocean are my favorite singers.
Donald Glover is my favorite comedian and actor..


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