Air Above The Sky


Staring outside,

the clear night sky,

above my eyes,

wishing I could reach,

the air above the sky.

Its cool chilling winds,

blowing around,

my skin & body,

feeling peace inside,

& the children sleeping,

in this world tonight.

Closing my eyes,

arms opened wide,

wings spread high,

with every wish,

embraced in my hands,

of peace in our world tonight,

I fly towards,

the air above the sky.

Tears falling,

hitting the ground,

healing the pain,

of all who suffered,

these days & nights.

This is a wish,

for our world,

to be at peace,

so open your arms,

take your wish,

& reach towards,

the air above the sky.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem goes to 'The Future To Come'. This was a contest I entered in for my school.

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