Saying Goodbye Again

Jeffery Williams

Writing this poem,

although sad,

I spent one last time,

with my best friend,

it's all I asked for,

holding him close,

to my smooth body,

while stroking his hair.

He lies so peacefully,

happy to see me again,

loving my touch,

as I massage him,

from the stress,

he's been under.

Don't worry for me,

I'll just make you sad,

if any tears fall,

from my sadden face,

just smile to me,

and I know your,

going to come home,

to me my friend.

Saying goodbye again,

is the hardest thing,

I ever have done,

but I will wait,

once again for,

four months to see,

you once again.

Saying goodbye finally,

tears falling...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem goes to 'Jeff'.

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