Forever Be Your Daughter


You gave me life,

by giving birth,

to my little body,

though in bad shape,

look how much,

your daughter,

has grown.

You gave me food,

every time I cried,

by the little bottles,

specially ordered,

for a small baby,

though now,

I'm making it alone.

You gave me clothes,

dressed me whenever,

it would get cold,

undress me in summer,

to take a cold shower,

for you I still,

have decent clothes.

You gave me roof,

over my head,

a home to protect me,

safe & warm,

until now,

you don't see me,


I wanted to thank you,

for all you've done,

for you see,

no matter how angry,

you are at me,

or I am at you,

I will always,

forever be your daughter.

I still Love You,

Miss You,

& Care For You,

hopefully one day,

you will see,

but for now,

this is how,

it has to be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem goes to 'My Mother'.

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