You Promised


You promised,

to be there,

when things weren’t fair,

You promised,

to love me,

when I was scared,

You promised,

to care for me,

when I’d get ill,

You promised,

to hug me,

when tears,

were shed tonight.

What happened to you?

Why won’t you,

be there,

for me anymore?

How can I,

fix the pain,

so we can be,

together again?

As much as I say,

"I’m sorry for hurting you,

& causing all this pain."

You deeply say,

"I don’t care,

do as you wish,

leave me alone!"

I cry,

every night,

for you,

sad, lonely, afraid,

my mother never,

love me again,

& it’s the truth,

in my dark life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem goes to 'My Mother'.

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