Have Faith In Me

I wish I could,
understand the pain,
I'm causing you,
for I don't know,
what I'm doing wrong,
in this relationship.


For long I waited,
to love someone,
who cared for me,
appreciated me,
respected me,
& had faith in me,
which I could anything,
if it was between,
you and me.


I guess we both,
don't understand,
one another because,
we can't stand,
each other's presence.


Speak to me,
have faith in me,
tell me what's wrong,
let me help you,
for I've loved you,
to hang on to you,
all this time.


Have faith in you,
have faith in me,
have faith in us,
our future to be,
have faith together,
just you and me,
we will wait & see.

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