The Tears Of The Blue Angel


Facing the window,

afraid of seeing,

how dark it's become,

evil burring near,

afraid to move.

Sky is dark red,

orange beam light,

smell of death,

firey land underneath.

Closing your eyes,

tears falling from,

a saddened face,

blue teardrops,

sparks of hope.

Forming a waterfall,

blue tear drops,

face the darkness,

a fight begins -

good verses evil.

Not knowing,

a wish is given,

turning like tears;

blue angel wings,

smooth naked body,

your heart shaped,

as a tear crystal,

& a blue glass staff,

to help in the fight,

for peace & hope.

Opening eyes slowly,

jumping out the window,

flying towards darkness,

while blue tears fall below,

washing away evil.

Towards center,

you head,

where it lies,

prepared to give,

your life away,

to protect earth.

While inside,

destroying darkness,

you are alive,

not noticing,

you where chosen,

the blue angel of hope.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem goes to 'Me'.

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Angel_Earth's picture

That was beautiful. I hope you keep writing... I know I wish I could.