The Feeling


Outside I wait,

hoping the day,

will bring me,

closer to you,

but I'm afraid,

that will never,

come true.

Living in two,

different worlds,

only the winds,

shed our tears,

of true love,

we sense,

for one another.

But you don't,

understand me,

this gift given,

when I was born,

for you don't see,

or feel what I feel,

every day & night.

Lost & alone,

this nightmare,

I fear so much,

only I know,

inside my heart,

I need your arms,

wrapped around,

my breast & waist,

of eternal protection,

from the ones,

who wants me killed.

Protect me,

from these feelings,

I need help,

to defeat it,

once & for all.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem goes to 'John'.

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