Still Loving You

Jeffery Williams

You're my best friend,

but in my heart,

you mean much more,

than you ever imagined.

When we met,

I knew inside,

liking you,

was my divine light.

You were afraid,

to ask me out,

so I agreed,

to be just friends.

But my heart,

felt so differently,

I still love you,

from the start.

You're here tonight,

sleeping peacefully,

I light two candles,

one red & one blue.

The blue candle,

is my tears shed,

for not being,

your girlfriend.

The red candle,

is my love pounding,

because it's,

still loving you.

Both combined,

I'm eternally,

forever yours,

until I die.

Your growing fast,

which my heart beats,

for one silent wish,

to be your girlfriend.

But that's a dream,

never coming a reality,

because you love,

another who's your,


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem goes to 'Jeff'.

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