Strict Teachers


Out and about you go,

off to class where,

you already know,

the teacher is full at go,

assigning work,

explaining problems,

handing out tests where now,

you have the urge to go home.

You want to talk, sleep, or write,

the thoughts from your mind,

but these strict teachers,

don?t care for dime,

"Turn around, pay attention,

& don?t make me have to move you!"

they always seem to say to you.

These words sting you like a bee,

where you want to leave & roam free,

in the coolness of a windy breeze,

to a flower that lies beneath,

a very old oak tree.

But, these strict teachers,

decide to keep you tight,

where in a room all you do,

is learn, learn, learn, the facts,

under their own golden rules.

If there's a strict teacher,

you happen to know,

please don't you ever show,

how you feel towards,

his/hers teachings,

where he/she might,

*poof* - be blown.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem goes to 'The Teachers Who Seem Mean, But Are Not.'

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Colin "Satyr" McNamara's picture

heh... this amuses me... I've had my share of 'strict teachers'... but in the end their discipline and ass kicking ways help you realize it helped a hell of a lot...