Mothers And Daughters



Mothers and Daughters,
are different in many ways.
Like most Daughters,
they seem to disagree once in a while.


Sometimes Mothers and Daughters will argue...
Sometimes they get on each other’s nerves...
And sometimes, well, they just get on us.
But no matter what the situation is,
or how much they get on each other’s nerves,
like any Mother would, she takes on the responsibility.


By protecting her from harm or danger,
giving her comfort in the times of sadness,
and being there when the time is just right.


Sometimes Mothers and Daughters act SO alike!
However, they are our Daughters, which we must love.


We must teach them to have dreams,
so wings may sprout and then they can learn to fly alone.
We must teach them to choose friends,
for they are a part of their future.
We must teach our Daughters, most importantly,
the meaning of Faith, Hope, and Love.


Having our Daughters trust us enough,
is so that they feel safe and sound.
A strong relationship with your Daughter,
will be a memory to last a lifetime.
So teach your Daughters well,
for they are only young once.


What we teach them stays with them for the rest of their lives.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem goes to 'My Future Daughter, Sakura'.

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Chelsea N.'s picture

wow I loved this poem! Great job! Its sweet!! Reminds me of my relationship with my mom, we're great friends.

Tony's picture

Once more this is a social comment theme. That is not a bad thing as some family relationships are going awry. Think the statments about girls sprouting their wings and always having hopes and aspirations show that you have a very good command of what is important and are good at conveying the same via these vehicles.