Random Poems

It was a cold, stormy, day when they raced.

Bunny hopped merrily along while Turtle paced.

The gun was shot.

They raced off.

Bunny was in the lead as Turtle inched behind.

Turtle put on some skates he was lucky to find.

He raced passed Bunny who was tired and weak.

Bunny tried to yell, "Wait!" but was too tired to speak.

Soon Turtle slowed down to check on his buddy.

Who was sitting down in a pond that was muddy.

"I can't go on." replied Bunny as he cried.

"Oh yes you can!" said Turtle as he sighed.

Up on four wheels were Turtle and Bunny.

They crossed the yellow lines together and won.

Said Turtle to Bunny, "Now wasn't that fun?"

The moral of this story is quite a simple one.

It's not if you win or lose, it's if you have fun.

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