Whispering Insanity

These deadly words that no one hears, loudly hissing through my tears

Whispering inside my ears and ringing through my head

The lies they moan and tell to me, I fall for them so shamefully,

No one knows what I foresee, but no one ever cares

Trapped inside my bed room walls, limply to my knees, I fall

The voices taunt me as I crawl, the voices mock my pain

Some whisper to me words to soothe, their blistered tongues so deadly smooth

Its hypnotic drug I always choose, but the drug is ever deadly

Can no one feel my agony, see the nightmares that I see?

The voices are controlling me, and that's why I must die

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem has the same layout as Ivory Fields does, and I know a lot of people like that poem, so I used the same sort of pattern and rhythm for this one. This poem is for you, James! Though you aren't insane...

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