Sweet Nothings

Whisper sweet nothings on the edge of my ear

And tell me of beauty, hold me tight, keep me near

These deceptions you whisper, the bliss of sweet lies

They add up to nothing with the black in your eyes

You're heartless, you used me, the agony of words

As you whisper sweet nothing, oh the things that I heard

I don't need you, I can leave you, oh I'll do what I please

But you whisper sweet nothings as I fall to my knees

Can you help me, can you catch me as I scream myself to hell

Because no matter what I'm doing, I'm locked under your spell

Oh you whisper these sweet nothings, those beautiful love lies

And I can tell your lying with a glint in your black eyes

Can I be free, can you save me, as I'm stuck under this spell

But as you whisper these sweet nothings, I'm afraid that I can't tell

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yay! Ok, it's been, well, forever since I published a new poem, and I basically wrote this out of nothings, since the reason was kinda stupid and I'm ranting so... Give me feed back, please!

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truthintragedies's picture

I love everything about this

I love everything about this poem. The word choice, the style, the way you made it flow, the story. Great write!

**if it's an eye for an eye, then we'll all go blind.**

Chad Thompson's picture

Absolutly awsome love it!