" Shadows Of Our Love "

Shadows Of Our Love

I look for you in morning light

Then in the glare of day.

I'm only finding shadows, Love,

Since you have gone away.

The summer days of carefree fun

That we had hoped to share,

Have turned to gloom and loneliness,

Because you are not here.

I thought I caught a glimpse of you

When last I lay abed,

It must have been a cruel dream,

Your shadow in my head.

I think I hear your voice at times,

And turn to empty space,

A fleeting form imagined there

So quickly fades away.

I've known so few whose absence wrought

Tremendous tears and need.

I've lost you and the searing pain

Feels like my heart must bleed.

The most important man on earth

Has left me all alone,

To sift through wavering shadows,

Our loss, the saddest one.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my sweet Jim...He loved roses and this one seems to miss him almost as much as I do.

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Lesa Gay's picture

You have not lost your ability to reach deep within the heart of your readers and friends Jessica. This is beautiful as everything I have ever read that has had your name upon it. A heart cries for a friend as I read these words. Love, Lesa

kat's picture

As usual, very nice Jessica.
I've been checking often for something new, I knew it would come along sooner or later.