" Somebody Call A Plumber "

Somebody Call A Plumber

I'm sick today and not at work

And that should tell the tale,

But peace and quiet here abouts

Has been shot quite to Hell.

It seems that I must always fix

Each solitary problem,

And never cry, nay, never sigh,

E'en though I'm in the doldrums.

The washroom leaks and water's off--

No need to cause a flood.

I can't escape the daily chores

by spitting my own blood.

I've taken meds and stayed abed

But get no consolation.

The truth is hystrionics fail.

I sit in desolation.

I'd like to take a well shaped ax

And chop this whole house down!

It's leaking in a closet now,

From pipes once underground.

I wonder if I wasn't here

Would life then be a bummer?

I hear it now, without a pause,

"Somebody call a plumber!"

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kerry's picture

Man, can I identify with this one! Hope you're feeling better by now - great poem.